Where Do Your Guests Go? Placecards Vs. Seating Chart

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If you choose to have assigned seating at your wedding reception, you will need to provide either place cards or a seating chart to show your guests to their tables. There are lots of creative options that you can incorporate into your wedding design!!

Seating charts come in a wide range of prices and styles. Here are some of our faves!

Budget Option: Create a seating chart using a word or google document, then send it to a printer like Fedex office. Have them enlarge the document to 24×36 in black and white ($7), standard white paper. Place that in a frame ($12), borrow an easel from your venue and you have a seating chart for less than $20!

Beautiful Option: This colored printed seating chart, mounted on foam board and framed, is a colorful way to incorporate your theme and colors into your wedding reception. One of our Cincinnati favorites is Posh Paper!

Exquisite Option: This custom wedding seating chart piece uses copper piping with custom cards, listing each table, hanging by fishing line or string. A sleek look that accentuates the modern wedding reception! This seating chart was also created by Posh Paper.

Placecards are a must if you have chosen to have a plated meal instead of a buffet. The placecard tells the caterer and its servers what your guest(s) have chosen for their meal. By placing an simple indicator, such as a printed icon of a chicken, fish, cow (meat) or leaf (vegetarian); using different color fonts; or using different shapes; the server can identify what your friends and family will be eating. This also helps to prevent the “that looks good, I’ll have that instead” situation that happens when a guest sees the presentation of a plated meal.

Budget Option: Purchase a set of placecards that use a labels template off places like Etsy or Staples, and print them out yourself at home. This option will run you around $35 for a typical wedding reception, plus your time and .

Beautiful Option: These elegant, color coordinated wedding reception placecards by Posh Paper, are printed in white, indicate what the guest is eating.

Exquisite Option: These custom, fragile clam shells were done in hand calligraphy as part of an underwater themed wedding reception.