Childers Photography is a full service photography studio. Weddings are our specialty. We also offer wedding Invitations at a 30% discount. Childers Photography is one of Dayton, Ohio’s best wedding photography studios. We have been helping bridal couples for over 20 years. We photograph over 200 weddings per year.  The reason for our popularity is our customer service, our great quality, and our affordable prices.

Your wedding photography is the only item created on the wedding day that will last for generations and you should be proud to share them with family and friends.

Only by visiting the studio and viewing actual examples of the images and the albums can you be sure that you are making the correct choice for your precious memories.  Website images are a good “starting point” but keep in mind that only the “best” images are placed on the website; you should see a complete album of one wedding to know if the quality of “all” the images are also good.

Points regarding Childers Photography:

  1. You will receive all the edited images from your wedding with rights to print with all Plans
  2. You will receive all the edited images on a flash drive – NO DIGITAL DOWNLOADS HERE!
  3. There will be three (3) professionals at your wedding (two photographers with Sapphire)
  4. Over 4,000 weddings and 25+ years of experience
  5. You will have three payments  spread over time

Childers Photography wedding style is the “Contemporary Artist”. Ask us how you can have a slideshow of your favorite wedding images placed on “YOUR”  Facebook page! Please visit our Facebook Page:

5616 Burkhardt Road
Dayton, OH 45431

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